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Why Choose Messinia Deal Real Estate as your Real Estate Partner for the Sale / Purchase or Rental of your Property


The real estate market is one of the most demanding and competitive sectors of the economy, as it is directly connected to all productive sectors. At Messinia Deal, with responsibility, knowledge and reliability, and taking advantage of our many years of experience, excellent training, new technologies and modern developments in the real estate industry, we provide integrated high-level services.

Our services are personalized and tailored to meet the needs of each client who entrusts us with their property or search. Our purpose is to create added value for each customer with our work. Every transaction has value to us!
If you are a property owner, at Messinia Deal you will find experienced real estate consultants who are by your side at every step of the sale or rental of your property. Our consultants take care of:

• for the correct evaluation and assessment of the property

• for the complete, personalized and targeted promotion of the property. Taking into account the particularities of each property, as well as the needs of the client, we prepare a specialized marketing plan for each property that we undertake exclusively.

• For the proper management of interested buyers or tenants. Especially important for real estate landlords.

• For timely information on everything that may affect the sale or rental of your property.

• For the correct presentation of your property, with suggestions to make it more attractive to potential buyers / tenants.

• For the step-by-step monitoring of the process until the final signing of the contract


For interested buyers or tenants, our consultants take care of:

• properly assess your needs

• to search for and recommend the most suitable properties for you

• propose financial solutions

• to explain the property buying and selling process and support you every step of the way

• continue to provide all support, advice and facilitation even after the signing of the contract

• to propose ways of beneficial utilization of the properties

At Messinia Deal we build relationships of trust with our clients. Our best partners are our happy customers!

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